Project management

Oriental Piping has a history of managing and supplying packages to Engineering Contractors and major clients. All projects are handled by a specific project team within Oriental Piping's dedicated personnel and facilities.

Dedicated Resources

  • Dedicated fully computerized project office with electronic logs detailing every part of each project
  • Oriental Piping personnel regularly visits each manufacturer to establish a list of key contacts at each works responsible for the various disciplines such as production, documentation and commercial negotiations
  • Oriental Piping are updated regularly by each manufacturer as to the exact status of every item and visits to each mill continue at regular intervals to ensure that contracts are completed as promised in terms of material quality, documentation and delivery schedule

Reporting Systems

  • Spreadsheets are constantly updated with status information from our manufacturers and clients are updated on a regular basis as to the exact status of every individual item
  • Updates can be supplied electronically at a frequency required by our clients