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High quality Fasteners and Stud Bolts all made and controlled to the relevant standards such as: ASME, ASTM, BS and DIN/WERKSTOFFE.

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types of fasteners
A Pipe Fastener is a device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more pipes together. Pipe Fasteners cover both high tensile and mild steel bolts, clamps, nuts, screws, washers, studs, pins etc. All types of Fasteners are used for both industrial and residential pipe fittings. Pipe Fasteners are used in almost all types of industries. They are made of various materials and are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. Pipe Fasteners are used widely for fastening and fixing various construction pipelines. Pipe Fasteners are just ideal to optimizing product functions. A number of manufacturers are developing ingenious Pipe Fasteners. Some of these Pipe Fasteners are easily detached for quick disassembly to allow pipes to be upgraded or repaired with ease or recycled at the end of life. Pipe Fasteners, over the longer term, can make the product an asset and a resource instead of an expensive waste at the end of its usefulness. These are some examples of the new efforts that have begun to improve the environmental features of pipe fittings through newly improved Fastener designs and selections.
Stud Bolts
Stud Bolts are a fastening device ideal for fastening pipes and tubes. Stud Bolts are used as a threaded Fastener, with a head, designed to be used with a nut. Stud Bolts are a sensible and easy way of securing piping, tubes and hoses in all industrial applications. They are designed to be used for mounting of pipes to the walls or fastening piping components.

Stud Bolts are constructed using various materials and available in various sizes and finishes. Stud Bolts used in pipe fittings offer many variations of eye-bolts, lifting eyes and u-bolts.